The Nintendo Switch version of Bethesda Game Studios’ super smash hit open-world RPG is sporting some new exclusive features like motion control’s for combat and the lockpicking mechanics, and some spiffy new gear from The Legend of Zelda franchise, and (to get a little bit more of your cash) Amiibo compatibility. Take down enemies with the Master Sword(or just get Breath of the Wild instead of buying this again) protect yourself with the Hylian Shield (Again just get Breath of the Wild) or look heroic in the Champion’s Tunic.(just buy zelda all damn ready) Skyrim also includes all official add-ons — Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.(OK this is nice of them)
Jokes aside if you own a switch and not another system spend that money on November 17 2017, if you have already purchased SKYRIM, I would say save your money.

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