Niantic has Issued a challenge worldwide for Pokémon Go players encouraging the player’s to become Pokémon Masters and catch ‘em all — and earn an enticing reward or two. From Nov. 20-26, the Pokémon Go Global Catch Challenge encourages the player to travel beyond their usual training grounds so that they can collectively grab more billions of Pokémon.

That’s right billions. Niantic will be keeping count of the number of Pokémon that are caught until Nov. 26, with milestones unlocking a new tier of prizes. Niantic will dish out the first set of rewards when trainers catch a minimum of 500 million Pokémon, Granting double experience points and a six-hour boost on Pokémon-alluring incense.

With each tier more Pokémon will spring up across the globe. The top prize the gold tier, If players can catch a massive three billion Pokémon, the region-exclusive Farfetch’d will become obtainable worldwide for 48 hours. Kangaskhan, which is exclusive to Oceania, will also start springing up in East Asia during that period. SO HAPPY HUNTING AND SAFE TRAVELS(and for god-sakes stop walking into traffic lol)

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